Cruden couple’s home bid backed

A CRUDEN BAY couple who were seeking planning permission for the erection of a house at 2 North Haven in the village have had their application approved.

The submission from Mr and Mrs J. Pittendrigh, 1 North Haven, returned before members of the Buchan Area Committee last week after being deferred for a site visit.

The couple wanted to build a new house on a narrow gap site located between an existing cottage to the west (under the applicant’s control), a further piece of gap land to the east, then another house.

Members heard previously that the site, together with the strip to the east, were previously occupied by a house which was demolished in the 1990s so there are no remains of a house on site anymore.

It measures some 11m wide by 20m long and is presently rough land with some stones on site.

Councillors were previously told by planning officers that the application did not comply with council policies for development in the countryside and were recommended to refuse the proposals.

The application was however put to vote at last week’s Buchan Area Committee and approved by councillors.