Cruden Bay flower show success

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CRUDEN Bay Flower and Vegetable Show took place on Saturday, August 11 in St. James Church.

Despite the lack of sunshine this summer there was a good number of exhibits, including a better than usual array of cut flowers. The number of exhibitors was slightly up on last year, but the number coming through the door slightly down.

Winners were as follows:

Morrison Trophy - S. Forrester; Hatton G.C. Trophy (best exhibit in show) - P. Scott; Society Trophy (most points in show) - D. Gerrard; Anniversary Salver (best in section 5, vegetables) - D. Gerrard.

Charlotte Croxford Trophy (best kept garden) - Mr and Mrs A. Smith; Murdoch Ross Salver (best kept senior citizens garden) - Mrs C. Paul; Edgar Trophy (most productive garden) - Mr and Mrs W. Watson; John Jamieson Trophy (best overall garden) - Mr and Mrs W. Watson.

Kilmarnock Arms Trophy (most points pot plants) - P. Scott; Tasty Place Shield (best in pot plants) - P. Scott; RH Gray Trophy (most points, cut flowers) - A. Anderson; Vibroplant Trophy (best in cut flowers) - M. McKenzie.

Anderson Cup (most points dahlias) - D. Gerrard; Michell Wood Cup (most points roses) - W. Matthew; Bratton Trophy (best vase) - M. Bratton; J. Clark Trophy - Jaye Smith & Katie Taylor; The Killie Trophy - Jaye Smith.

Society Trophy - D. Gerrard; Jim Millar Trophy - E. Forrester; Bob Milton Trophy - D. Gerrard; Gerrard Perpetual - E. Forrester; Junior Trophy - Magnus Dixon; Cruden Pharmacy Salver - A. Anderson; Betty Forrester Cup - A. Anderson.