Cruden Bay. Cruden Bomb? Cruden Buoy.

3D image of unidentified object
3D image of unidentified object

A Cruden Bay man was nearly blown away when he discovered what might have been an old sea mine on the beach and was asked to help the bomb squad with it.

Christopher Harvey, owner of Leak Heat, which specialises in thermographic inspections, discovered the object on March 24 at Cruden Bay beach and immediately contacted the police.

Part of the beach near Cruden Bay Golf Club was shut off for several hours while the bomb squad carried out tests on what could have been a World war 1 or 2 device.

After careful examinations by the bomb squad and with the help of Mr Harvey they concluded that the object was not a bomb - but a buoy.

Mr Harvey said: “Initially I thought the metal object was old discarded fishing gear or bobbin, however in these situations it really is more advisable to be better safe than sorry.

“Mines have been known to wash ashore as many were laid around the Moray Firth during the World Wars, so it is important to take precautions when dealing with this kind of unknown debris.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson confirmed that they were called to investigate an “unidentified device” around 11am at Cruden Bay which turned out to be a discarded buoy.