Women report being followed in black car

Police Scotland
Police Scotland

Two woman have reported being followed late at night by a black car in the Banff and Buchan area police have confirmed.

Mary Strisciuglio and Charlene Stephen claimed they were followed in Peterhead and on the Old Meldrum to MacDuff road respectively.

Posting on Facebook about her incident in Peterhead on August 28 Ms Strisciuglio wrote: “There was a black car flashing his lights all the way for me to stop. Was glad to get home. Two men in car, take care lady’s.”

Charlene Stephen also reported an incident of being followed by two men in a black car on August 27 from Old Meldrum to MacDuff.

A post on her Facebook page read: “Beware! I had a terrifying experience as I got followed by a black Audi all the way from Old Meldrum to Macduff. It was 2 men who had their full beams on constantly so I couldn’t read their number plate.”

An Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “At this stage, there is no evidence to suggest there was any criminality, and we would add that no further similar incidents have been reported.

“Anyone who has concerns regarding a similar incident or who has any information should contact 101. In an emergency call 999.”