Woman made death threats

A WOMAN who threatened to kill police officers and their families has been fined.

Barbara Glynn made “throat slitting” gestures at police after they were called to a disturbance at Peterhead’s Longate on August 18 last year.

A member of the public had alerted police after a number of people were seen drinking and smashing bottles at the town’s Park Lane.

When police arrived, Glynn was “hostile” towards officers and began shouting and swearing.

After persuading Glynn to leave the area, police were again called 25 minutes later by a motorist.

The man said that the 32-year-old had got into the back seat of his car and refused to get out.

Again Glynn shouted and swore at police, threatened to kill officers and their families, made “throat slitting” gestures and then began to “struggle violently” when police officers tried to arrest her.

Ross Gray, defending, said that Glynn had been “struck off” a methadone programme after failing to attend appointments and had since given birth to a daughter.

The mum of one was asked not to interrupt Sheriff Gregor Murray as he fined her £120 for the breach of the peace after she said from the dock: “It was out of character.”

Sheriff Murray noted that despite a history of offending, Glynn had been offence free prior to last August, since 2005.

Sentenced was deferred in March to allow time for Glynn to have the child.