Woman jailed for four years for dealing heroin

A woman has been jailed for four years for supplying heroin.

Nichola Paterson, also known as Dimmick (38), was arrested and remanded on October 14 after a raid took place in Richmond Terrace, Peterhead.

Police had gathered intelligence that drug dealing activity was taking place at the address and elsewhere, and were granted a warrant to search the property on October 13.

Officers forced their way into the property where half a dozen individuals were searched.

Paterson was found in the bedroom attempting to put a small bag of brown powder in her underwear which dropped after police prevented her from doing so.

Three small bags of brown powder were also found in her bra and one more in her pocket.

The search of the property found foils, cash, plastic gloves and scales. A number of visitors came to the property while the police were present many of whom were well-known drug users in the area.

All of the drugs recovered were found to be heroin. Two large quantities were found at a street value of £2,600 combined. Three bags in recognised deal quantities were also found at a value of £30 each. The cash recovered amounted to £230.

At Peterhead Sheriff Court on Thursday, defence agent for Paterson, Sam Milligan said: “My client became involved in drugs after the breakdown of her marriage and up until that point had a clean record. Thereafter in a stressful time she met a new partner and was introduced to the drug environment. She thought she could manage heroin but it managed her.

“It has been a downward spiral and her involvement of drugs has led to the loss of her job, her house and some months ago she was on death’s door.

“She accepts she has to pay for what she has done and has further to pay for her drug misuse.”

Sentencing Paterson, Sheriff William Summers said: “The supplying of drugs is a vile trade and can devastate users, families and communities.

“It is clear that only a substantial custodial sentence is appropriate in this case.”

Paterson was sentenced to four years in prison backdated to October 14.