Vulnerable road users targeted

Police Scotland.
Police Scotland.
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Police Scotland undertook an initiative in support of the National Brake Road Safety Week specifically focusing on vulnerable road users from 12 to 23 November.

Vulnerable road users include pedestrians, pedal cyclists, horse riders and motorcyclists.

These road users accounted for 74 of the 172 deaths on Scotland’s roads in 2013 (43%) and a further 3,403 vulnerable road users were injured in the same period.

During the week of the campaign there were 175 offences detected by Officers from both Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire and Moray Division comprising of 134 speeding offences, 20 dangerous /careless driving offences, 14 mobile phone offences and 7 pedal cycle offences.

Chief Inspector Richard Craig from Aberdeenshire and Moray Division said: “The numbers of vulnerable road users tend to decrease during the winter months however, those who do still use the roads are certainly more vulnerable due to the reduction in daylight hours and quite often, poorer weather conditions.

“The purpose of this campaign was to focus on educating everyone about the vulnerability of certain groups of road users and it is disappointing that a number of motorists are still not heeding our advice.

“Throughout the winter our officers will continue to encourage drivers to take more responsibility on the roads and to highlight the known risks that can contribute to collisions.

“Keeping Scotland’s road safe requires all road users to work together, enjoy the roads but travel safely and adhere to road traffic legislation.”

Inspector Ian Kirkwood from Aberdeen Division Road Policing said: “During the winter months, with dark nights and lower temperatures, the risk of being involved in a collision can be higher and all road users must be aware of their surroundings at all times.

“This is particularly important when carrying out manoeuvres at junctions, roundabouts and whilst reversing.”