Vandals kill Christmas lights within hours

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Vandals cut the wires and destroyed the Christmas tree lights at Drummers Corner in Peterhead within 24 hours of them being switched on.

After a community effort led by Light Up Peterhead had raised enough funds in a matter of weeks to get Christmas lights for the Toon it took vandals only a matter of hours to undo all their hard work.

Shirley Duthie, from Light Up Peterhead said: “The lights were switched on at 4pm on Saturday 28th November and on Sunday morning we noticed that the tree had been vandalised with branches broken off and the lights were lying on the pavement.

“After calling out the contractors, they advised that the lights had been cut and which had also short-circuited the two illuminated banners.”

While the two banners have since been mended the lights cannot be fixed and will need to be replaced.

It has been suggested to Light Up Peterhead that cheaper domestic lights now be used to light the tree but this is not an option as that type of light cannot be wired into the main power supply.

The lights that were cut were a commercial heavy duty standard and there are not enough funds left to replace that type of light.

Ms Duthie said: “Light Up Peterhead are, along with the local community, very disappointed with what has happened to the tree which was kindly donated to us by Peterhead Projects.

The lights have now been disconnected to ensure that nobody is injured.”

The group has also been told that “people have been climbing the tree and the public appreciate that we cannot watch the tree 24/7.”

One lady in the community has now had the idea to hang a bauble from the tree which has now been copied by various other local people to attempt to give the tree at least a bit of colour.