Vandalism down in town

VANDALISM incidents in Peterhead have dropped by five percent on the previous year.

Members of Peterhead Community Council were told the news at their meeting on Wednesday.

Grampian Police Sgt Gareth Hannan said that vandalism was one of the biggest problems in Buchan and it was quite encouraging to see a reduction in the rate.

He said that police patrols had been increased in the town centre, and hopefully the levels would continue to fall.

He also reported that serious assault figures had dropped by five on the year to-date. Again, the detection rate had risen and there were increased patrols in the area.

Meanwhile, the by-law on public drinking in Peterhead came into force yesterday (Monday).

Sgt. Hannan said that there would be a 28-day period of grace where anyone who did not adhere to the regulation would be warned.

“My own experience of working within such a regulation in Aberdeen is that it keeps glass and cans off the streets and reduces glass assaults,” said Sgt. Hannan.

Community Warden, Ian Kennedy, said that signs would be erected at various locations around the town to make people aware of the by-law and there would also be signs erected in prominent areas such as the Lido and harbour area.

A poster would also be produced in three different languages, ensuring the migrant community was also aware of the public drinking ban.