Safety advice to bikers

Grampian Police is urging north-east motorcyclists to take extra care on the roads for the last few weeks of summer.

In the past month, one motorcyclist has been killed and 11 riders have been injured in accidents on roads in the north-east.

Given recent uncertain weather conditions, motorcyclists are urged to heed some safety advice which could prevent them getting injured in an accident.

Leslie Harrold, Road Safety Manager with Road Safety Grampian, said: “ I am asking all riders to take care and think about their level of riding experience. Many of the recent collisions were simply as a result of rider error and could have been avoided.

“For riders, if you are overtaking a slow moving or stationary line of traffic, be aware that there may be a vehicle at the head of the queue waiting to turn right.

“They will not be expecting a vehicle to be overtaking them, so if they turn across your path it will likely result in a collision. Riders should wait until they have passed a junction and find a safer place to overtake, where they can see that the road is straight and clear.

“Also, many riders come off their machines on bends, where they have misread the bend or have approached it too quickly. If you are unsure of how tight a bend is, simply slow down to a safe speed to get round it.

“Over the next few weeks there will still be many motorcyclists out on our roads, so I am also asking all drivers to look out for motorcyclists on the road.

“Drivers should be aware of this and be alert to motorcycles approaching them from behind and preparing to overtake them.”