Reveller glassed after night out

A FRASERBURGH man was left permenantly disfigured after a fellow reveller hit him in the face while holding a glass.

The man was rushed to hospital in Aberdeen following the incident on August 19 last year and needed stitches to several cuts.

Christopher Carpenter, of Hillcrest, Fraserburgh, admitted hitting the man following a night out in the town.

Peterhead Sheriff Court heard on Thursday that Carpenter (25) had been out drinking with friends in Fraserburgh and came across the man and his friends on Finlayson Street in the early hours of the morning.

Fiscal Depute Alisdair Fay said: “The two groups came together on Finlayson Street near its junction with Mid Street at about 1.10am. They exchanged words and the complainer and the accused sqaured up to one another. Mr Carpenter was holding a glass and threw a punch at the man’s head. The man was knocked to the ground and started to bleed profuesly.”

The man was taken to hospital in Aberdeen, requiring stitches to several cuts including a 5cm cut to the left eyebrow, a 2cm cut to the left eye and a 4cm cut to the left temple.

Carpenter was released on bail pending reports and will return to court on June 21.