Public urged to report street drinking

Anti-street drinking signs are visable around Peterhead
Anti-street drinking signs are visable around Peterhead

Police officers and Community Wardens are urging members of the public to report those drinking alcohol on Peterhead’s streets immediately.

A ban on the public consumption of alcohol in Peterhead came into force in 2012, making it an offence to consume alcohol in a designated public place within the town.

Community Warden Ian Kennedy told the Buchanie: “We want to remind everyone that there is a bylaw in place for the whole of Peterhead and not just the town centre.

“If any street drinking is spotted, members of the public should report it to Police Scotland by calling 101.

“We may find there will be more examples of street drinking due to the improving weather.”

Ian mentioned they are concerned about the health and safety risks that may arise due to street drinking: “Anti-social behaviour and broken glass lying on the ground are a danger to the public especially around the Buchan Walkway, Lido Walkway and the Buchanhaven promenade.

“We stay in a nice area with walkways and upgraded cycle paths and we don’t want them to be spoiled by a minority,” he said.

“Hopefully, as the public inform the police it will be stamped out.”

The Community Wardens liased with Aberdeenshire Council to get the public drinking bylaw in place and proper signage is now in place around Peterhead.

Ian added: “Quite simply, there is no excuse.”

Police Scotland Sergeant Scott Massie said officers will continue to patrol the streets to catch anyone breaking the bylaw.

He said: “Our officers take this issue very seriously and we are committed to ensure that no anti-social behaviour will be tolerated and we will strive to ensure the community is safe.

“Those caught consuming alcohol on the streets will be dealt with accordingly.”