Policing of drink ban comes under spotlight

Cannon pic.
Cannon pic.

A PUBLIC drinking ban in Peterhead has been generally welcomed by residents - but policing of the ban was criticised at last week’s meeting of Peterhead Community Council.

Speaking at Wednesday’s meeting, member of the public, Karen Brown, told members that the implementation of the public drinking ban had changed her life.

“Whereas before we had a big problem in the Harbour Street area, there has been no such trouble since the ban was introduced,” she said. “The area has improved so much now and so has the town centre.

“We did have one incident of folk drinking in the street but I reported it and the community wardens were fantastic and responded immediately.”

However, local publican Sandy Garvock said he had seen numerous incidents of public drinking and despite reporting these to the police, nothing had been done.

“There seems to be no enforcement of the ban as far as I can see,” he said.

The community council agreed to raise the matter with the police at a future meeting.

Meanwhile, the increased problem of litter in and around the Cannon area of the harbour was also raised as was the issue of speeding vehicles in the area.

This will also be re-visited at a future meeting.