Police to focus on domestic break-ins and street drinking

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POLICE in Peterhead are to focus on reducing the levels of domestic break-ins following a rise in the number of incidents over the past months.

Inspector Andy Imray reported to last week’s Peterhead Community Council meeting during an up-date on police matters around the town.

He told members: “There has been an increase in the level of domestic break-ins, particularly in the Buchan area, and as a result of that we will be putting a dedicated resource to police this,” he said.

“This will remain part of our focus until the levels come down. With regards to anti-social behaviour a few issues have been raised, mainly in relation to boy racers around Balmoor Terrace,

“We are in the process of dealing with this matter and officers have been talking to these lads, most of whom are decent young lads and have been listening to what’s been said. That’s ongoing as of now,” he said.

Inspectror Imray said that a mobile police office would be depoyed to the Buchanhaven area of town in a bid to tackle the issue of drinking in public.

He added that the local policing team had been strengthened by the arrival of PC Kirsten McFarlane who will be the point of contact for the Shopwatch and Pubwatch initiatives and who, in future, will be the Police representative at the community council.

“She will also be going along to Boddam Community Council. She
is a very enthusiastic and
capable officer,” he added.

Community councillor Karen Brown said that the ban on street drinking has had a ‘positive, life-changing impact’ outside her home at Harbour Street.

However, she added that the problem had now started to reappear again, particularly round the Cannon area of the harbour.

Inspector Imray said if anyone witnessed such incidents they should call the non-emergency police 101 number and report them.

“There may be a car that we can deploy right away, while other times people may have to wait for us to attend, but we record the level of calls in relation to these problems and we can then decide if it is something we need to deal with,” he said.

Secretary, Gordon Farman, said he would write to Peterhead Port Authority chief executive, John Wallace, to see if they could possibly include the Cannon area in their CCTV cover.