Police take action to tackle anti-social driving in Peterhead

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Officers in Peterhead have responded to concerns expressed by the community about driving standards in the town.

Buchan Community Policing team officers conducted dedicated patrols during the evening of Saturday, April 16, targeting road safety issues.

The focus of the activity centred around the Balmoor Terrace and Windmill Street areas in response to recent reports about anti-social driving behaviour.

During the operation, a 31-year-old man from the town was stopped and arrested for driving whilst being disqualified. He was also found to be uninsured and was expected to appear from custody at Peterhead Sheriff Court yesterday.

A 23-year-old man was charged in connection with drink driving and will appear in court at a later date, while a man aged 18 was charged with Careless Driving near Prunier Drive and has been reported to the Procurator Fiscal.

A positive line of enquiry is also being followed in relation to a second vehicle alleged to have been driven carelessly in this area.

In addition, a number of motorists were stopped by officers and educated about minor issues.

Local Inspector Simon Reid said: “Road Safety is an issue people living in the community have highlighted to us as being of concern to them, and it is a priority for our team in Buchan too.

“The action taken in and around Windmill Road and Balmoor Terrace where anti-social driving has been reported will continue.

“These streets, like any other road within a built up area, are shared and used by all types of road users - drivers, pedestrians and cyclists - and it is vitally important for the safety of all that an appropriate standard of driving is adhered to.

“Drivers must take responsibility for their actions when behind the wheel of their vehicle or face the consequences.

“I am grateful to those members of the public who have supported Police in our efforts by calling us and providing details of vehicles they have seen driving in the town in a careless manner. Particularly important - but sometimes forgotten when we are called - is to provide us with the registration mark of the vehicle in question to enable positive action to be taken.”