Police clamp down on Peterhead break-ins

Police Scotland say they have enough resources to clamp down on the increase of break-ins within the Peterhead area.

Sergeant Simon Reid of Buchan Community Policing Team said: “We certainly have enough resources, I would say we actually have greater access to more resources since the creation of Police Scotland.

Sergeant Simon Reid of Buchan Community Policing Team

Sergeant Simon Reid of Buchan Community Policing Team

“Our officers in Peterhead are passionate to stop crime and they take great pride in what they do.”

His comments come after an online petition was set up by resident Kayleigh Taylor, asking the SNP to increase funds on policing in Peterhead due to the recent increase in house-breakings.

The petition has gathered hundreds of supporters after it was shared around social networking site, Facebook.

Dedicated mobile and foot patrols both high visibility and by officers in plain clothes have been conducted throughout Peterhead by Community Policing Team officers supplemented by central resources from Police Scotland’s Operational Support Group.

As a result of several sneak-in thefts and attempted break-ins in the area, Police Scotland are reminding home owners to secure their properties and vehicles.

Simple crime prevention methods should be considered such as using timer switches, locking garages and ensuring vehicles, if they cannot be parked in a garage, are locked and all valuables are removed or out of sight.

Residents are also asked to notify trusted neighbours if they are intending being away from home for a few days to ensure it is monitored.

A 38-year-old male appeared at Peterhead Sheriff Court on Tuesday, January 7 after being traced in suspicious circumstances on Monday evening and was remanded in custody.

A second male aged 29 appeared at Peterhead Sheriff Court on Thursday, January 9 after having been reported to Police in suspicious, but separate, circumstances in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Sgt Reid added: “We thank those members of the public who have contacted us with information and can advise that positive lines of enquiry are being progressed with regard to incidents of reported suspicious activity and dishonesties.

“We take very seriously all reports of crimes such as these which violate individuals homes and cause great concern and upset to those affected.

Sgt Reid would like to encourage members of the public to report anything unusual as he explained: “We continue to urge members of the public to contact us when they see or hear anything suspicious and encourage neighbours and friends to do likewise.

“Sometimes people feel like they will be wasting our time by calling but reporting incidents early can lead to us finding individuals and by doing this you could be preventing further incidents. If something doesn’t sit right, chances are it won’t be.”

“Often we trace witnesses during follow up enquiries who have valuable information to provide us but didn’t consider calling Police to let us know. This can sometimes make all the difference.”

Sgt Reid revealed that a lot of crimes take place due to cars simply being unlocked: “People are very trusting of the area and sometimes don’t lock their vehicles.

“One individual could be trying the handles of 30, 40 or 50 cars and the one that is left open will be targeted. We ask everyone to ensure they keep their vehicles secure at all times.”

Any information should be passed to Buchan Community Policing Team officers at Peterhead by calling 101 or if ongoing using 999. Anyone wishing to pass information anonymously can use Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Furthermore Police Scotland would encourage people to follow the various updates which can be found on the Aberdeenshire North Twitter feed at @ShireNPolice.

Residents can pick up a Home Security Quiz at Peterhead Police Station.

Created by the Crime Reduction Unit, it acts as a self-assessment to see if your home is an easy target for thieves and has handy security tips for both the home and vehicles.