Police appeal after bogus cop pulls over single mum

The lay-by between Peterhead and Boddam
The lay-by between Peterhead and Boddam
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POLICE have launched an investigation after a Buchan mum was pulled over on the A90 by a man masquerading as a police officer.

The driver used blue flashing lights to stop the 24 year-old mum, who had her baby son in the back of the vehicle, then ordered her to abandon her car claiming it had been stolen.

The incident happened on the Aberdeen to Peterhead Road near Boddam on Monday morning.

The woman noticed the blue flashing lights behind her and pulled over into a layby, assuming that the car was an undercover police vehicle.

The woman, who has asked not to be named, said that a man, dressed in black, approached her car and asked her to hand it over as it had been involved in a theft.

When she refused to get out of her car the man started shouting and tried to pull open the door. She asked the man for ID but he refused to give it to her so she immediately drove off.

The woman said that there had been two men in the car and she thought she had done something wrong when they indicated for her to pull over.

She said that her son had been extremely upset during the incident and it had been “absolutely terrifying”

Police are now appealing for information about the car - which they think is a black Ford Focus - being driven erratically on the A90.

It is understood forensic officers have dusted the roof of the woman’s car for fingerprints.

The man who approached the woman is described as between 25-40 years of age and around 6ft 2in in height and unshaven. He spoke with an English accent.

Anyone who may have any information regarding the incident is asked to call Grampian Police on 101 or use the freephone Crimestoppers number 0800 555 111.