Peterhead man had 16 cannabis plants

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A BUCHAN man was caught growing cannabis after police asked to borrow a ladder.

Officers immediately detected the plants’ smell after Nicholas Arthur (39) answered the door to a property at the town’s Sandford Court.

Police had been in the middle of a raid on a nearby home and needed to borrow a ladder to access a loft area.

Former heroin addict Arthur, of Cordiner Court, Peterhead, allowed police to search the second property, where they discovered 16 cannabis plants.

The plants were believed to be worth between £100 and £300 each.

Arthur admitted cultivating the Class B drug between September 19 and December 19 last year.

He told police that he had been growing the drugs for his personal use.

Iain Jane, defending, said that Arthur had a problem with heroin stretching back to 2000, which he had been managing through a methadone programme.

He said: “He was due to make the final reduction in his prescription but was having trouble making that last step. He used the cannabis to assist with the side effects. He didn’t want to get back into a peer group where drugs were available and thought that this was the best way forward.”

Arthur was ordered to carry out 75 hours unpaid work by Sheriff Gregor Murray. He must also forfeit the plants and growing equipment.