One punch can ruin many lives

A campaign aiming to tackle crimes of violence fuelled by alcohol is being reintroduced in Aberdeenshire and across the North-east.

By Kevin McRoberts
Thursday, 5th August 2021, 5:50 am
Inspector Michael McKenzie, of the Violence Reduction Unit, highlights the One Punch campaign.
Inspector Michael McKenzie, of the Violence Reduction Unit, highlights the One Punch campaign.

In the coming weeks, officers from Police Scotland North East Division Alcohol and Violence Reduction Unit and Community Policing Teams will be engaging with the licensed trade and wider communities to deliver messages around the ‘One Punch’ initiative.

The campaign, launched by Police Scotland in 2018, highlights the impact and consequences alcohol related violence, with six people having died in 2017/18 as a result of 'one punch'.

The reintroduction of the initiative to the North-east will bring focus to the long-term consequences of become involved in a single violent incident.

Alcohol is often a feature in violent incidents whether that be on the part of the aggressor or the victim who may be more vulnerable through intoxication.

Through the initiative police officers in the North-east want everyone to be conscious of how alcohol can impair judgement and the wide ranging consequences of becoming involved in confrontation.

Inspector Michael McKenzie, of the Divisional Violence Reduction Unit, said: “As restrictions ease and we find ourselves returning to life closer to what we would regard as normality, we want everyone to be able to socialise and enjoy themselves.

“During the coming weeks officers from our Violence Reduction Unit and community policing teams will take the opportunity to promote the One Punch initiative through our partners in licenced premises and in public places.

"We will display posters in bars, clubs and public areas and provide information through North-east Police social media platforms.

"Moving forward we will work alongside partners across the North-east around activities focussing on reducing alcohol-related violence within our communities.

“I would however ask everyone to drink sensibly to ensure you and your friends are safe, in control of your actions and able to make the right choices.

"If you go out drinking, please do not let it stop you thinking.

"One punch can have devastating and long lasting impact not only on the victim and their family but upon your life and that of your loved ones.

"One punch can kill or leave a victim with life changing injuries.

"If you do find yourself involved in a confrontation do the right thing and walk away.

"Do not let your emotions lead you to make a poor decision and lose control.

"If you are being threatened then call 999 and get to a safe place as quickly as possible.

"One punch can lead to the life that you have quickly spiralling away from you.

"You’d be putting so much at risk. You could end up losing your employment, losing your home, losing your family as well as losing your freedom.”

“Officers from across North East Division will continue to work within our communities and with our partners in the licensed trade to promote the One Punch campaign to make the North East of Scotland a safe place to live.”