New Procurator Fiscal for the North-east of Scotland

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The Lord Advocate, Frank Mulholland QC, has appointed Liam Murphy to the post of Procurator Fiscal for the North of Scotland.

Mr Murphy has now taken over the post from David Harvie who previously had the dual role of Procurator Fiscal for the North of Scotland and Director of Serious Casework (DSC) at the Crown Office.

The change follows an expansion of Mr Harvie’s responsibilities as Director DSC.

Mr Murphy has previously held senior posts as Deputy Head of the High Court Unit at Crown Office, as Divisional Procurator Fiscal for Glasgow East and most recently as Procurator Fiscal for High Court Serious Crime in the West of Scotland and District Procurator Fiscal at Hamilton. He is also a COPFS Advocacy Trainer.

The Lord Advocate said: “I am delighted to confirm the appointment of Liam Murphy as the new Procurator Fiscal for the North of Scotland. He is a very experienced prosecutor who I know will continue to deliver justice to the people of the north of Scotland and continue to engage with local communities and to work with them, the police and others in pursuit of this aim.”

Mr Murphy said: “I am very pleased to have been appointed to this challenging post and am delighted to be leading the strong, dedicated team of prosecution staff serving people who live and work in the North of Scotland. I look forward to working closely with Police Scotland, the Scottish Court Service and all the other criminal justice agencies in the area to ensure that, together, we can succeed in addressing the concerns of local communities.”