New offices for Toon police officers?

Peterhead police station
Peterhead police station

Peterhead’s policing team are hoping to move to a new home within the town to reduce costs brought on by their current location.

Officers are looking to move from their offices on Merchant Street to a new facility built on to Buchan House where the West End Bar used to sit.

Inspector George Cordiner, Community Policing Officer, believes the new proposal is the most cost effective solution for the current needs of the town’s policing team.

He said: “We have got to be realistic in what we can afford and what we need to achieve.”

Problems with the current building stem from there being no access for people with disabilities to the size of the building being to expensive to run.

The proposed move to Buchan House would see the operational element of the Peterhead force, the officers and administration staff, move to a new two story facility.

There will be no custodial chambers at the new premises, but Peterhead has not had an operating cell facility since 2009.

Inspector Cordiner said: “The offices we will build will be suitable for our staff with room for expansion.

“It’s more than sufficient for what we need and we will have twenty-four-seven access to Buchan House.”

He added: “There are twelve council departments operating in Buchan House and there is at least half of them that we deal with on a daily basis so the move would enhance the service that we deliver.

“Our public counter operates out of Buchan House at the moment and this would now be a one stop shop.”

A move from the current location to a new premises for Peterhead’s policing department has been mooted since 1992.

Plans of relocating to a site on Catto Drive was shelved when planning permission expired earlier this year but Inspector Cordiner believes that the proposal wasn’t cost effective.

He said: “Realistically the cost of the facility was going to be in excess of £3 million which isn’t possible in the current climate.”

Issues concerning the parking around Buchan House have been raised in relation to the new proposal and Inspector Cordiner has stated that this is something that will be looked at.

Inspector Cordiner said: “It is still formally just a proposal, it is not something that has been agreed.”