Mixed feelings about town drinking ban

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A BAN which has outlawed street drinking in a Buchan town has received mixed feedback from townsfolk.

Some Peterhead residents say that the byelaw, which came into force in February after years of debate, has assisted in stamping out the majority of antisocial behaviour in the town centre.

One Drummers Corner shop worker said: “It’s not so noisy on a Friday and Saturday now, It’s less rowdy because there’s not the same people milling about.”

The small shop has complained several times over the past couple of years to police.

A colleague agreed, saying: “We used to have to watch for shoplifters, we had to watch them like a hawk. We used to feel harassed but it’s definitely got better.”

Others, however, say that the new law has simply driven street drinkers into hiding, and that the undesirable behaviour continues, albeit out of view.

A Marischal Street shopkeeper said: “I’ve been finding people in a lane beside my shop drinking. I’ve had to tell them twice in the last fortnight to get out.”

A cafe worker agreed that the ban hadn’t quite had the desired effect.

She said: “I don’t think its worked. They’re not outside the Caley anymore but now they’re somewhere else like down the lanes or in Drummers Corner. It’s always the same folk.”

Community Wardens Ian Kennedy and Cathy Ramsey hope that townsfolk will begin to see the benefits of the ban as the summer months roll in.

Ian said: “There has been an improvement in the town. There has been some good feedback from shop owners at the most recent Shopwatch meeting.”