Man jailed after assault on pregnant partner

A NORTH-East man who battered his pregnant partner so severely that neighbours thought she had been in a car accident, has been jailed.

Jonathan Hill (35) launched an “extended assault” on the woman, who was 16 weeks pregnant with another man’s child, fracturing her jaw.

Peterhead Sheriff Court heard that Hill and the woman, who had recently moved from England to live with Hill at his home in Boglon Row, Forglen, had been out drinking at the Royal Oaks pub in Turriff when an argument broke out.

When the pair returned home, Hill admitted that he “went ballistic” and punched the woman “four or five” times to the face, causing her to fall, strike her body against a bath and her head against a radiator.

Fiscal Depute David Thorburn said: “The complainer went to the bedroom to avoid the accused. He came through later and they got into a fight. She was lying in bed when the accused punched her four or five times. She kicked him in the face and ran to the bathroom. He pushed her and she struck her head off the bath and struck her head on a radiator.”

Hill then grabbed the woman by the neck and tried to take her mobile phone.

A neighbour, to whom the woman ran to for help, said she was in a “fairly bad emotional state” and that his first thought was that she had been in a car accident.

Hill later admitted to police that he had “gone ballistic” and that he had slapped his partner “a couple of times.”

He said that he did not remember how the woman had got the marks on her neck.

The woman suffered a fractured jaw and a number of cuts and bruises.

Mr Thorburn added: “The good news is, the complainer did not suffer any adverse effects to her pregnancy. She moved back down to England to be with her family.”

In mitigation, Gail Wiggins, defending, said: “An argument had been ongoing and the initial blow was struck by the complainer. Mr Hill says he was kicked in the face and it kicked off thereafter.”

“He admitted that he ‘lost it’ and was fully co-operative with police. He takes full responsibility for the assault. There was no pre-planning and he has a lot of insight.”

Ms Wiggins said that post-traumatic stress disorder was a factor in Hill’s behaviour and that he was extremely remorseful.

Sentencing Hill, who arrived at court carrying a rucksack, Sheriff Gregor Murray said: “You have a number of convictions for domestic assault in England and yet you allowed yourself to carry out an extended assault on a pregnant person.”