Making the headlines after office theft

Reporter Graham Smith noticed his laptop was missing on Thursday morning
Reporter Graham Smith noticed his laptop was missing on Thursday morning

The Fraserburgh Herald and Buchan Observer made the headlines this week after two laptops were stolen from the Peterhead offices of the papers.

Herald reporter, Graham Smith, came into the office on Thursday morning to discover that his Dell laptop had been removed from his desk - leaving just the connecting cables.

Another laptop and phone were also taken in the early morning theft.

Editor, Morag Kuc, believes the office was targeted by an opportunist thief.

“Myself and Avril from reception were both in early on Thursday morning and Avril had unlocked the main door.

“She later noticed a man leaving the premises, but thought nothing of it as we share the building with another office and it’s not unusual for people to come and go. However, when I went upstairs I noticed that the laptop had gone and immediately reported the incident to the police.

“The fire door to the premises was also open so we think it was just an opportunist thief who grabbed what they could in a short space of time.”

Officers from Police Scotland are now investigating the incident.

“All doors to the editorial rooms are securely locked as this theft has left everyone a bit shocked,” added Morag.

Reporter Graham commented: “It’s very disappointing and shocking.

“It’s regrettable enough that the laptops have been taken but they can be replaced. What can’t be replaced are the hundreds of photos I had saved on my computer.”