‘Lowlife’ robs annual festive Toon fayre

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Spirits at an annual Peterhead Christmas fayre were dampened this year after a ‘lowlife’ stole £400 worth of products and wine from a charity stall.

Another successful year of Connie’s Christmas Fayre at The Palace Hotel was marred by the incident on the evening of November 14 when someone broke into the hotel’s ballroom.

Connie Chiappino, organiser of the fayre, said: “Unfortunately this wonderful fair was spoiled by some lowlife gaining access to the ballroom on the Saturday evening and stealing £400 of Fake Bake Products and bottles of wine from a Charity Stall.

“It’s just a shame that people like that could spoil such a good weekend.”

Ms Chiappino said that CCTV footage from The Palace Hotel shows a man crawling about in the ballroom with a torch at 7:30pm on the Saturday evening.

The thief is believed to have taken around £400 worth of fake bake Products from one stall and bottles of wine form a charity stall.

Ms Chiappino said: “In the eight years we have been organising this we have never had anything like this happen.”

Ms Chiappino described the incident as “very upsetting and disgusting”.

She said: “It’s just awful.

“I don’t know what this town has come too.”

Despite the break-in Ms Chiappino said the fayre was another huge success, raising £1585 for Spina Bifida for James Ritchie.

She said: “The crowds were amazing on the Saturday considering there was a lot of different events going on in town but this fair has come to be expected in the town and people look forward to it.

“The Palace Hotel is the ideal venue and is so beautiful in the ballroom it compliments the beautiful stalls showcasing their product.”