Lock up your new bikes warn police

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Did you get a new bike for Christmas? Did you get a new lock to go with your bike?

Grampian Police are reminding all those who got bicycles for Christmas to ensure they also get a good strong bike lock as well.

Constable Watson of the Forces Crime Reduction unit said: “Nothing could be worse than to have your brand new bike you got for Christmas stolen.

“It is very important that you remember to get a good strong padlock to secure your bike. Even if you only leave your bike unattended for a minute you must lock your bike.”

The two weeks following Christmas 2009 saw the theft of 18 bikes in Aberdeen alone - with more reported stolen across the Shire. The bikes stolen were a mixture of adult and children’s bikes at a total cost of £7,405 and of those only four bikes were recovered totalling £2,530.00

Constable Watson added: “Even if your bike is locked in a shed or garage you should still make sure it is locked and secure using a bike lock.

“Fit a ground or wall anchor within the shed and secure your bike to that or to some other heavy item within the shed.

“When bikes are recovered we often find it difficult to reunite them with their owners due to the lack of identifying features. We are therefore highlighting to all bike owners to utilise the Bike Passport form which can be found on the Grampian Police website under the crime reduction pages of the advice centre section.”

Constable Watson said: “It is difficult to give the police or your insurer an accurate description of your bike once it has been stolen. However if, once you purchase your bike, you security mark it, complete a form, and keep it safe, it will provide a more accurate description of your bike to increase the chance of the Police being able to reunite you with your bike if recovered.”

For more information on bike security call your local Crime Reduction Officer on 0845 600 5700.