Kids get street alternative

Theatre Modo tackle anti-social behaviour
Theatre Modo tackle anti-social behaviour

Theatre Modo are working alongside Police Scotland to try and help battle anti-social behaviour in young people around Peterhead.

Two of the main areas affected by the problem, Drummers Corner and Eden Park, have been targeted by the theatre group in their attempt to give kids and teens an alternative to anti-social behaviour.

Martin Danziger, Director of Theatre Modo, said: “This is very much us going to where the young people are.

“It’s all about engaging the hard to reach and giving them something else to focus on.”

The project, which involves stilt-walking and fire juggling, started last year after several fires were raised in Eden Park, resulting in Theatre Modo and the Fire Department teaming up to try and tackle the issue.

Martin said: “Last summer was a great success in many ways and allowed the park to be reclaimed for the right reasons. This year we have tried to get a lot more scientific about it.”

The science that Martin refers to is recognising when instances of anti-social behaviour most often occur.

He explained: “Over the last three years the number of incidents involving young people in 50 per cent more on a Monday than a Saturday.”

Theatre Modo are active in Drummer’s Corner on Monday evenings to Wednesday evenings and in Eden Park on a Friday evening.

Peterhead Police Inspector George Cordiner said: “Martin and his team are out in the area to try and engage with the young in that area.”

He added: “A lot of the kids that would have been involved in anti-social activity are now working with Martin.”