Grampian prisoners do the most damage in Scotland

HMP Grampian
HMP Grampian

Prisoners at HMP & YOI Grampian caused over £145,000 worth of damage last year, more than all other Scottish prisons combined.

The staggering figure is the cost of money spent by Scottish Prison repairing wilful damage by prisoners - with the bill for all the other ten Scottish prisons less than half that figure at £67,635.

Alison McInnes MSP, Scottish Liberal Democrat Justice spokeswoman, said: “It is hugely concerning that the taxpayer has been asked to fork out hundreds and thousands of pounds to pay for vandalism repairs at Scotland’s prisons.

“As a new prison, HMP & YOI Grampian is a state of the art facility but it faces a particular set of challenges.”

Ms McInnes said that the prison had a greater mix of inmates than its predecessors and had recruited a significant number of new staff.

She said: “There will always be teething problems at any new institution but we have seen a series of worrying incidents at Grampian since the new facility opened.”

In 24 reported incidents of damages Grampian inmates ran up a bill of £145,477.

The next highest bill for damages came Low Moss prison near Glasgow at £30,386 - over £115,000 less.

A Scottish Prison Service spokesperson said: “The varying cost of repairs is proportionate to the extent of damage in each establishment.

“SPS has a duty to ensure that the establishments, including the living areas, are in a good state of repair and as such have to repair damage caused.”