Formal complaint after Toon police take 8 days to respond to call

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A young mum in Peterhead has lodged a formal complaint with the police after they failed to turn up to investigate a hit and run on her car.

Stacey Kennedy said she reported that her car had been hit while parked on Clerkhill Road at 7.24 am on March 10 and despite being advised that “someone would be out”, no officer had visited the scene by March 18.

She said: “I phoned the police at 7.24 in the morning and they said someone would be out.

“I phoned back again to say a recovery van was coming and they said to hold it off because they would need to collect evidence.”

Ms Kennedy collected evidence herself of what she believes to be a piece of the offending vehicle but no officer had come out to see it over a week later. She said: “I’ve still got part of the other car here.”

Ms Kennedy now believes she will be out of pocket as the police failed to investigate in time, as her insurance will increase and she will lose her no claims bonus. She has also been told that the car might be a write-off, which would leave her without transport.

The police said: “All calls to Police Scotland are graded in terms of priority depending on ongoing incidents and emergencies. Every call is taken seriously and officers will take action at the earliest opportunity.” Police say that they have now visited the scene.