Fine for man after dog bite

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A BUCHAN dog owner appeared in court last week after his Staffordshire bull terrier bit a man.

The man was walking along Leask Avenue in Peterhead when he bumped into Paul Chalmers (36) and his dog.

Peterhead Sheriff Court heard on Thursday that Chalmers and the man had “a history” and the dog was able to bite him as it was not on a lead and was not wearing a muzzle.

Sheriff Philip Mann asked Procurator Fiscal Alisdair Fay if this could be considered assault.

Mr Fay said that dog bites could be considered assault if the handler had set the dog on the victim.

Defence agent Sam Milligan said that the man also had a dog with him, which was of a similar breed to that owned by Chalmers. He said: “Neither dog was wearing a lead or a muzzle and they began to growl at one another. The complainer attempted to remove his dog from the situation by lifting it up and that is when he was bitten. This was not akin to the nature of assault.”

Fining Chalmers £200, Sheriff Mann said: “I accept your explanation of what happened but the fault lies in the fact that you were unable to keep your dog under control.”