Fine £400 for having tear gas in pocket

A BUCHAN man has been fined £400 after he was found with a can of tear gas, a court heard last week.

Edward McIntosh (41), of High Street, Fraserburgh, was found to be carrying the capsaicin spray - a brand of tear gas - after he was arrested and brought to Fraserburgh police station on January 19.

Peterhead Sheriff Court heard on Thursday that the spray, sometimes used by riot police, causes headache, nausea and vomiting when sprayed to the face.

Procurator Fiscal Raymond O’Brian said McIntosh had been arrested in relation to a matter outstanding since 2008 when the noxious gas was found in the pocket of his jacket.

McIntosh admitted being in possession of the offensive weapon at an earlier hearing.

Defence agent Stuart Flowerdew said that McIntosh had bought the canister online in 2005 and had no idea that it was in the pocket when he was escorted to the police station.

He said: “Mr McIntosh had no intention of using the spray against the police station or anyone else that day.”

Fining him £400, Sheriff Edward Savage said that while he accepted that McIntosh did not intend to use the spray, it was nonetheless a very serious offence.