Festive anti-theft campaign launched in Peterhead

Police Scotland have issued a warning to both residents and Christmas shoppers to keep their cars secure and valuables out of sight.

The warning comes as people prepare to splash out on gifts for loved ones during the run up to Christmas.

Community Wardens Cathy Ramsey and Ian Kennedy with PC Michael Kelman

Community Wardens Cathy Ramsey and Ian Kennedy with PC Michael Kelman

Police constable Michael Kelman, said: “We are asking people to ensure their vehicles are secured overnight and any valuables are out of sight.

“If you happen to see any suspicious incidents, please call us on our 101 number.”

Community Warden, Ian Kennedy, said: “Our latest initiative runs with the festive time just now, especially with the dark nights coming in.

“We are warning the public to please lock your car doors, especially if you have any valuables in it or Christmas presents at this time of year.

Ian added: “With a car full of presents, we don’t want thieves to ruin your Christmas, please keep anything like that out of sight and make sure your car is locked.

“If you see anything suspicious at all in your area, please contact Police Scotland.”

The festive anti-theft campaign has been highlighted as a large number of thefts occur by car owners simply leaving their vehicles unlocked and having items, including satellite navigation devices and iPods, clearly on display for thieves to take advantage of.

With Christmas just around the corner, shoppers are advised to keep presents hidden in the car boot when out and at home, to avoid vehicles being broken into and gifts getting stolen.