Drug raids in Peterhead

Drug raids: Officers use the battering ram to gain entry while other officers secure the area around the property.
Drug raids: Officers use the battering ram to gain entry while other officers secure the area around the property.

Grampian Police launched ‘Operation Hotspur’ last Wednesday to tackle the problem of illegal drugs in the Buchan area.

The operation consisted of the Police collecting intelligence of possible drug dealing at various addresses and received drug warrants to search these properties.

The drug raids on Wednesday is the initial stage of the operation and five people were detained in connection with seizures of cannabis, methadone and other drugs offences. Four people were also referred to the Community Substance Misuse Service.

Detective Constable Kevin MacDonald said: “Drugs raids form an important element of Operation Hotspur but it is about more than that. Its also about working with our partners through the drug and alcohol partnership to break the cycle of offending associated with drug misuse.

“No one agency can do this alone and there is always the temptation in these financially difficult times to withdraw into our organisational silos.

“As today’s activity demonstrates, in Aberdeenshire we are committed to working together to make sure our area remains one of the safest in the country. Operation Hotspur is a clear illustration of how we can share expertise and resources to achieve our common purpose across the Shire and keep us to the fore nationally.

“It is the very few that often stigmatise entire communities and, with the overwhelming support of local people, we are able to carry out this vital work to make our communities a safer place to live and work.”

The Buchan Observer was invited along to witness the execution of the drug raids in Peterhead on Wednesday morning.

Two houses were searched on George Road and while the police were ready to use the battering ram at one of the properties the door was found to be unlocked, giving the Police quick entry into the house.

Later on that day at Arbuthnott Terrace the police took at least 50 seconds to enter the property using the ram as those who were inside were trying their best to prevent the police from entering the flat.

A young teenager on a bike passing by was quickly on his mobile phone telling friends that someone in the street was being raided giving details of the events unfolding before him.

The second phase of Operation Hotspur will involve officers linking up with representatives of Turning Point Scotland and Community Substance Misuse Service to visit known drug users throughout the Buchan area to offer them support to break free from addiction.

Kevin MacDonald continued: “Whilst that enforcement is a vital part of this campaign, we are also keen to work closely with our partners to ensure that we provide public reassurance, promote drug treatment services and aim to achieve a reduction in the demand for drugs.”

Karen Watson, service manager for Turning Point Scotland, said: “Turning Point Scotland’s Northern Horizons service are very supportive of Operation Hotspur and welcome this partnership between enforcement and support services.

“This innovative approach of having support available to individuals and families during police operations allows direct access to experienced workers, providing an additional pathway into substance misuse services.

“This can only be viewed as a positive development and hope individuals take advantage of the support offered to them.”