Double assault man jailed

A CRUDEN Bay man who threw a bag of sugar at a convenience store employee has been jailed.

Anthony Oakley became angry when staff at Spar on Prince Street in Peterhead refused to sell him a bottle of vodka on August 31.

The father-of-one had been drinking when he entered the store at 5.45pm and went to the front of a queue formed by other customers. After being refused the alcohol, Oakley told staff members to “get the police”.

When he began to shout and swear, a female staff member attempted to ignore him and “get on with her duties”. But the 45-year-old picked up a bag of sugar from a shop display and threw it at her. He also threw a shopping basket at a second worker’s head. Both failed to hit them.

Another customer who appeared to know Oakley came into the shop and attempted to restrain him before he threw a second bag of sugar.

In a separate incident on October 25, Oakley had been drinking at various bars in Peterhead and headed to take a taxi home. He “struggled” into a car and the driver duly drove him home to Errolston Road in Cruden Bay. Oakley went inside to retrieve some money for the fare.

When he gave the £10 note to the driver and received his change, he insisted that he had given him £30 and took hold of the man by the shoulder.

Hearing a scuffle Oakley’s son came from the house and pulled him away from the Elaine’s Taxis employee.

Gail Wiggins, defending, said that Oakley tended to get into trouble when he was drinking and that he had recently been paid off from his work which “led to him drinking”.

She said: “While Mr Oakley does not have a physical dependency on alcohol, it has imposed on his health. He woke up in the cells with absolutely no recollection of the first incident and is deeply apologetic. He remembers slightly more about the second offence and he accepts that he acted in the manner libelled.”

Ms Wiggins said that Oakley had been the sole carer for his teenage son since the boy’s mother left a number of years ago.

Sentencing him to six months in prison, including one month for bail aggravation, Sheriff William Summers said: “It is clear that your life has been badly afflicted by drink, but two assaults leaves me with no choice put to impose a custodial sentence.”