Crime detection ‘just short of target’

A Police Team from Peterhead
A Police Team from Peterhead
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Peterhead Community Council members heard last week that the crime detection rate for the Buchan area was ‘just under target’.

Inspector Imray from Police Scotland attended Wednesday’s meeting and said that the number of house break-ins in Peterhead had increased of late, but a number of suspects had been caught.

He told the meeting: “We have dedicated quite a lot of resources into this and we have been fortunate enough to catch a few people response in the past couple of weeks.

“Since the last community council meeting there have been seven break-ins to houses, but since the 6th of this month there have been no further break-ins,” he said.

“We also identified a group of Eastern Europeans and we have recovered some items.

“We have seen no breakins in the past couple of weeks so let’s hope that continues.” he said.

“Break-ins are something that’s happening across large parts of Aberdeenshire and I’m unable to come up with an explanation as to why it’s on the increase.

“It could be a number of factors and hard times often lead to an increase in crime,” he said.

Inspector Imray said the big focus at the moment was on common and serious assaults.

“We are trying to increase the detection rate and identify the people responsible for these crimes and bring them to justice.

“Our target rate for this is 70 percent and at the moment we are just short of that target.”

Between May 15 and June 18 police recorded 46 assaults in the Peterhead beat alone.

He said these were a mixture of domestic and minor assults covering a wide spectrum.

Inspector Imray said that it was a busy time ahead for officers, with galas, Peterhead Scottish Week and New Deer Show approaching.

The issue of street drinking was raised again and Inspector Imray added that the best way to keep the problem at bay was for the public to report an incidenct.

“If we are in the area we will investigate,” he added.