Coastguard volunteer in Facebook theft appeal

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A MEMBER of the Coastguard put out an emergency appeal on Facebook last week after his life saving gear was stolen from his car.

Peterhead man Scott Sangster asked for information through the social networking site after up to £2,000 worth of Coastguard equipment and clothing was stolen from his car.

The gear, including a VHF radio worth more than £700, was stolen from the 23-year-old’s car shortly after midnight on Wednesday.

The silver Vauxhall Insignia was parked outside the Harbour Lights Bar, which his family owns and runs, when it was targeted in the early hours.

A digital camera, mobile phone, hi-vis boots, a knife, torches, glow sticks and a hard hat were among the stolen items, which were kept in a ‘grab bag’ in the car’s boot.

CCTV cameras used to monitor the bar allegedly saw three men leaving the scene, although it is unconfirmed whether they were the culprits.

After informing police, Scott decided to take action and post an emergency appeal on Facebook to find out whether anyone had seen anything.

It is thought that the culprits removed the gear from Scott’s car and left it at a nearby lane, before returning several times to collect the items between 1.30am and 3am.

The CCTV footage has been handed to police.

Scott was removed from on call Coastguard duties and will not be able to go out again until the equipment is replaced.

“They’re just sick and corrupt individuals,” says Scott.

“Not only have they stolen my stuff but they have also taken me off call. They’ve put others at risk too because I can’t go out if I’m called.”

“You don’t expect this right outside your front door.”

A spokesman for Grampian Police said: “We are making enquiries into a theft from a car in Ellis Street in Peterhead.”