Buchan crime spikes in 2015 but shows 5 year decrease

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Incidents of serious crime in the Buchan area in 2015 were up from the previous year but down over a five year period new figures have revealed.

Numbers for housebreakings, robbery, serious and minor assault, vandalism and motor vehicle crime have all risen from 2014, Police Scotland statistics have shown.

However figures for the same crimes show a decrease over a five year period, with the exception of robbery which has had a 40 per cent spike and serious assault which could not be recorded due to a change in definition.

George Cordiner, Buchan Community Policing Inspector, said: “We had a particularly good year in 2014.

“For a realistic picture of how we are doing it is better to look at a five year average.”

The Community Policing Inspector stated that incidents of robbery and serious assault were areas his team were looking at, calling them “ongoing issues”.

Inspector Cordiner stressed that although figures for robbery and serious assault were up the detection figures were standing at 100 per cent.

He said: “Every serious assault we get we clear but we would still like to reduce the amount of victims.

“With robbery again there is an increase but our detection numbers are very high and everything that’s coming in we clear.”

Summarising, Inspector Cordiner added: “When we look at it over the actual piece we’re doing quite well over the range of figures.

“Across the piece we’re quite content that we are going in the right direction”