Are you dashing through the red?

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COncerned members of the public have been blasting the dangerous driving of some Buchan motorists during the latest spate of bad weather

Members of the public have had growing concern for the number of drivers running red lights at the two main traffic light junctions on Peterhead’s Queen Street, crossing with King Street and St Peter Street.

The Buchanie based itself at the junction crossing with Queen Street and St Peter Street last week and saw numerous drivers committing the crime.

We took photos of the drivers who, at the time, were driving through a red light illegally.

Many people were driving straight through with a disregard to the stop light, with one lorry driver in particular driving while the pedestrian crossing lights were on.

A concerned Christmas shopper, who wished to remain anonymous, commented: “It’s just ridiculous - a tiny bit of snow and people seem to think they can make up excuses for themselves and run through the red lights.

“I was waiting on a light to turn green last week and had it not have been for a man crossing the street I would have gone straight into the side of the bus. They seem to be the worst ones, they may have right of way but it doesn’t mean they can drive through red lights.”

Grampian Police were contacted about the issues, with Buchan Local Policing Team Inspector Kenny Coutts stating: “The poor weather conditions being experienced at the moment mean that all road users need to exercise caution.

“No matter the weather conditions, traffic directions must be anticipated and adhered to. Local Policing Team officers are carrying out enhanced festive patrols in Peterhead Town Centre and road traffic offences, such as failure to stop for red light signals will be dealt with appropriately.”