Aberdeenshire residents warned of rogue workmen claiming to be council employees

Trading Standards officers are investigating a report of a group of men touting for business by claiming to be from Aberdeenshire Council’s roads service.

Monday, 16th August 2021, 9:15 am
Residents are being warned by Trading Standards of rogue traders operating in Aberdeenshire.

A resident reported an incident to both the council and the police of men had come to the door claiming to be from the council and offering to undertake dressing works on the road to their farm which is about 10 metres from the public road as roadworks were being carried out in the area.

The resident agreed to the works and the men carried out the road dressing, advising they would do it for £1.50 per square foot.

However after treating a considerable 3,000 sq ft of road they then claimed they were not from the council and would send the customer a bill – which in this instance would have been considerable.

When the customer contacted the police, the men quickly left and said they could just have it for free.

Trading Standards is also aware that there have been some instances in the region where individuals with ‘surplus material’ have offered to undertake work – albeit not claiming to be from the council.

Trading Standards team manager Gary Glasgow stressed: “Neither council employees nor any of our contractors would ever approach a resident or business and offer to undertake this kind of road improvement works – regardless of whether works are being undertaken in the local vicinity.

“We would urge residents to carefully research any individual or company before agreeing to any work proceeding.”