80th year of radar celebrated

Radome at RRH Buchan
Radome at RRH Buchan

This month marks the 80th anniversary of the first use of radar to detect an aircraft and the Remote Radar Head in Buchan still plays a vital role in operations today.

That radar system built in the late 1930s has constantly evolved over the years as technology has made huge advances.

Today, the RAF maintains radar coverage of the UK through its Air Surveillance and Control System (ASACS) Force and military and civilian radars, including the Lockheed Martin T92 Radar at Remote Radar Head, Buchan.

Proud of its heritage, the ASACS Force still stands guard over the skies of the United Kingdom, ready to react to any unknown aircraft approaching our shores.

The RAF will commemorate the Battle of Britain later this year and it is worth remembering that a large part of that victory was due to work that started in a muddy Northamptonshire field on a cold February day 80 years ago, and the thread which links that work to today’s RAF presence at Remote Radar Head, Buchan.