Crichie dam to get a clean-up

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Works are to be carried out on the Stuartfield mill dam in the near future to give it a freshen up in time for Spring.

The dam, situated in the heart of Crichie, is home to many ducks, swans and fish and needs cleaning out in order to keep the water running through as fresh as possible.

It was hoped that the works would be conducted prior to Christmas, however with the current weather situation, this hasn’t been possible.

The work will involve a diversion of the feed to the dam by re-routing it into the burn at the bottom of Knock View.

A sufficient amount of water will still run through the dam to protect any fish or amphibians, it will then be drained, allowing any aquatic life to move to another habitat. It is estimated that the dam will be left for 2 - 3 weeks until it completely dries out.

Afterwards, any remaining materials and debris will be cleared from the dam and recycled, as opportunity will then be taken to inspect the outfall area and carry out any necessary repair. The plugs will then be replaced and the mill feed re-opened allowing the dam to re-fill.

It is hoped that the works will be completed by February, and if there are any signs of torrential rain hitting the village, the main feed will be re-opened to avoid overloading the diversion burns and drains.

During the period of work it is ensured by principal landscape services that mess and disruption in the village will be kept to a minimum and a tidying-up exercise will be conducted after completion.

Local resident and historian Billy Rennie is looking forward to the works being carried out.

He said: “Hopefully work will begin as soon as the snow clears, and I am sure it will freshen up the dam for locals to see and wildlife to live in.”