Crichie Community Inn challenge is accepted

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SEVERAL sub-committees have been formed to investigate the potential of a community takeover of the Crichie Inn at Stuartfield.

The village’s sole pub has been on the market for about two years and has passed through the hands of several owners during the past decade.

As previously reported in the Buchanie a group of residents concerned that it could close completely or be sold off for other development have rallied round to protect the important asset.

The Crichie Community Inn Steering Group (CCISG) was set up in January to explore the possibility of buying the pub as a community asset to be run, not for profit, by representatives of the villagers.

Having obtained sufficient grant funding to undertake a full survey of the pub to determine the scale of the task of buying and refurbishing it to an appropriate standard, group secretary, Geoff Ewing, reported the results to a large audience in the Village Hall last week.

Geiff explained that as well as raising the purchase price, it will cost around £52,000 to refurbish the pub to an acceptable standard.

Despite the daunting scale of the task a very large majority of the meeting voted to accept the challenge of undertaking the project.

Four sub-committees have been set up to deal with fundraising, business planning, study Vvisits to other community pubs in Scotland and England, and publicity.

Anyone willing to help with any aspect of the project are invited to make contact with Geoff Ewing on or chairman John Ollason on