Craft fayre success for Buchanhaven


FOLLOWING the recent community consultation by the Buchanhaven Heritage Society a craft fayre was held at the centre on June 9, and the team were delighted that 114 residents turned up to support the crafters and show support for the work of the society.

The craft fayre was organised by Connie Chiappino and 14 local crafters were on hand to display their hand-crafted work which was appreciated by the residents and the society members were delighted with the buzz in the centre and the positive feedback received, so much so that a Christmas Fayre is already booked and more detail will be released in due course.

The next big planned event is Scottish Week, where there will be two days dedicated to the heritage element of the project and where some more artefacts and photographs will be released for view.

The last three days of Scottish Week will see an art exhibition and sale, where local artists will exhibit their work and some will be for sale.

More detail on this will be released as it unfolds.

As more local talent comes forward, it has become clear there is now a demand for a music event and there may be the potential for a crafts, arts and performing arts event and discussions are already underway to support such an event in the near future.

Commenting on the event, Elizabeth Milne, vice-chair of the society, said: “We are delighted with the turnout for our first event and a big thanks must go to Connie and her colleagues for pulling this togther so soon after the consultation.

“Although the weather was a bit overcast and cold, it did not deter 114 residents from turning up and suporting the crafters and most importantly the former school.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Cllrs Ann Allan and Fiona McRae for coming along and showing support for the event, and also to Scott Donald for not only advertising the event of his facebook page, but turning up and showing support on the day.

“Finally, my sincere thanks to those residents who took the time to come along, show support and provide such positive feedback on the day’s event.

“The team has learned some important points for future events and these will all be taken on board and adjustments made.”