Couple’s anger over “uninhabitable” home

Stewart Mackay next to the large area of mould underneath his bedroom window
Stewart Mackay next to the large area of mould underneath his bedroom window

A young couple are appealing for help from Aberdeenshire Council as their property is heavily affected by dampness and mould.

Stewart Mackay has been a resident of Kitchenhill View, Maud since August 2013 but he says the problem is now out of hand.

His partner Iona moved in with him in May last year and is currently 27 weeks pregnant so the couple are hoping to move into a new property as soon as possible.

Speaking to the Buchanie, Stewart said: “When I first moved in everything was fine, I did notice that there was a small area of dampness next to the door in the kitchen but I sorted it and it never came back.

“However mould started appearing in the bedroom, bathroom and living room last year.

“The council are aware of the situation and we have had workers come out around three or four times to paint over it but it keeps coming back.

“When the mould first appeared it was about one-foot up the wall and now it is up to about four-foot.

“It seems to get worse by the day.”

Stewart said that they have tried everything that they can think of to try and stop the mould from spreading but nothing has been successful.

He explained: “We have painted over it, we have scrubbed it and we also tried moisture traps but they don’t really work.”

Iona said: “I have had to throw out irreplaceable photos of family members and a lot of our clothes because they were covered in mould.”

Stewart added: “I am disgusted with the council, I don’t know how they expect people to live in conditions like this.

“We want to be moved into a bigger house because at the moment this one bedroomed house is unsuitable for children.”

A spokesperson for Aberdeenshire Council said: “We are aware of ongoing issues with damp in this property and have been attempting to resolve them.

“An Envirovent system was installed in December but this will need time to work and dry out the property.

“Joiners have also been at the house this week to carry out work, framing, insulating and sheeting the external wall in the bedroom.

They added: “An application to transfer was made in June however due to the high demand for properties in their chosen areas it may be sometime before an offer can be made. In the meantime we will continue to monitor and take further action as required.”