Councillor hits out at dog mess

Cllr Fakley with the new dual bins
Cllr Fakley with the new dual bins

A local councillor has called on dog owners to be more responsible, after noting the increasing amount of dog faeces in a Buchan village.

Peterhead South & Cruden councillor, Alan Fakley, said he was saddened that this issue continues to be a problem.

Visiting Boddam on Thursday, he witnessed dog faeces within feet of the primary school entrance despite a new, dual litter and dog-waste bin located only yards away from the school entrance.

He said: "This is not only very unpleasant but is also a health hazard to school children and other pedestrians.

"There are a number of dog waste bins in the village so there is no real excuse for the problem."

Cllr Fakley stated that he will contact the Waste Department to have any unserviceable bins replaced and asked for new dual litter and dog waste bins to be installed on Manse Terrace and either end of the Stirling Hill Access Network path.

He will request that the council’s Dog Wardens visit the village in the near future.

Cllr Fakley added: "Part of the problem may be that Aberdeenshire Council has recently stopped installing the old-style red dog bins and are now providing a dual litter and dog-waste bins which are larger and brown in colour. Many dog-walkers may not realise that these larger brown bins are also for dog-waste.

"Boddam is a great village with stunning views; it would be nice to look up at the views instead of having to continually watch your step."