Council approves Homecoming cash

Several Buchan organisations have received a financial boost to help them celebrate Homecoming 2014.

Aberdeenshire Council’s Buchan area committee met last week and considered donations to four community groups.

Cash awards of £5,000 have been earmarked for Peterhead Scottish Week and the Aden Homecoming Fair, with a further £2,600 and £2,500 for New Deer Agricultural Association and Strichen Community Park respectively.

Councillors were told that as part of the overall support to Homecoming 2014, Aberdeenshire Council has allocated £10,000 to each area committee to be used to support local communities and groups who wish to celebrate Homecoming Scotland 2014.

Chief executive Colin McKenzie said: “This is with the aim of attracting visitors to the area and to promote local culture.”

The maximum grant offered was £5,000 and applications were dealt with on a first come, first served basis.

Four submissions were received for the Buchan Area totalling £20,000, but in addition to the £10,000 allocation there is a residual sum to develop regeneration activities in Peterhead which could be used to cover the £5,000 application submitted by Peterhead Scottish Week.

Aden Homecoming Fair submitted an application for a three-day event in early August.

Peterhead Scottish Week have submitted a plan for elements of their nine-day festival.

New Deer Agricultural Show have provided a Homecoming slant to their annual fair this year and Strichen Community Park are promoting a Homecoming Day on August 17.