Corps and Shield project announce joint partnership

Two Salvation Army expressions in Peterhead, have signed a joint covenant to formally work closer together to help vulnerable people in the area.

In a special worship meeting at Peterhead Corps, members of the corps were joined by staff and special guests from The Salvation Army Shield Project to formally sign an agreement for the partnership.

The Salvation Army Shield Project, based in Burnside Business Centre, Peterhead, provides practical, emotional and spiritual support to those who are marginalized through homelessness, or potential homelessness with substance related problems, to empower them to develop skills, confidence and abilities to sustain an independent tenancy and live as a responsible person in the community.

Peterhead Commanding Officer, Captain Matthew Bennett, said: “The Shield Project, transforms lives, we have been inspired by the work they are doing, members of the Corps wanted to help in any way they can.

“On a practical level we have been helping service users by providing food parcels. This agreement cement’s our relationship and will enable us to help more people with various needs.”

Margaret Morgan, manager, Shield Project, Aberdeenshire, added: “Where there is human need you will find The Salvation Army, we have been able to support a lot of people since we started.

“Our formal agreement now means that we have extra support on offer from members at Peterhead Corps which will help us meet the varying needs of our client group.”

Projects just like this benefit from generous donations from the public. The Salvation Army’s national fundraising campaign, ‘The Big Collection’ begins in September, please give generously.