Concern mounts over escalating dog fouling

THE problem of dog fouling in Peterhead has been raised yet again by the town’s community council.

Community councillor Karen Brown had asked that the issue be placed on the agenda for Wednesday’s meeting after telling members that the situation around the harbour area of town was “horrendous”.

“I work in Broad Street and going from Harbour Street up there all you can see is dog mess,” she said. “It’s particularly bad in Jamaica Street and Merchant Street, but Broad Street is really, really bad.”

Chairman, Graham Barron said that it was a similar sight in many other parts of the town, with Station Road another badly affected area.

“It’s just disgusting. Surely a harder line needs to be taken with irresponsible owners,” he said.

Community warden Ian Kennedy said that they had the power to make on-the-spot fines to owners who don’t pick up dog mess, but initially a warning had to be given.

“The difficulty is that we have to catch them in the act,” he said.

“If we do this then we can issue a warning and, for repeated offenders, we can impose a fine of £40 there and then. The matter is then referred to the dog warden for any further action,” he said.

Councillor Fiona McRae said that members of the public needed to alert the wardens to anyone they knew who repeatedly failed to pick up dog mess.

Mr Barron added: “It’s just back to the same old story. These owners have obviously no concern for the environment. Perhaps they are not aware they can be fined.”

Members agreed to urge the public to report any dog owners who repeatedly flouted the law. Mrs Brown added that poop bags can be obtained from the Peterhead Projects office on Broad Street free of charge.