Community clean-up for Peelie’s last visit

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A PETERHEAD man has expressed his disgust at local authorities after having to organise the removal of a car from a local harbour himself due to a lack of response.

Arthur McKenzie of Hope Street had to rely on friends to help him shift a wreck that had been left at the Buchanhaven Harbour for over two months to enable him to give his grandfather a special send off before his memorial service took place last week.

Arthur Buchan McKenzie, commonly known as “Peelie”, passed away on February 8, and was known for spending all his time down at the harbour.

His grandson Arthur told the Buchanie: “My granda spent a lot of time down at the Buchanhaven Harbour - pretty much his whole life - whether he was going back and fore with boats or just sitting by the pier.

“My family wanted to take him down by the pier in his hearse before we made our way to the funeral service so that he could see it one last time before he goes.

“There was no way I was leaving that car right in the middle of the harbour. I know who owns it, and the individual had no participation in moving it at all.

“Until we got all the documents and everything it’s just going to have to sit there. It wouldn’t even take that long to move now that we’ve shifted it from the waters edge. I’m sick of trying to get in contact with the council, no-one seems to care.”

With the help of Alec Buchan, owner of Lunar, Steven Chalmers, George Cameron and Mr Lovie who drove the heavy loader, Mr McKenzie was given the send-off he deserved and the McKenzie family would like to thank them for their help at this sad time.