Come rain or snow, Santas go ho, ho, ho!

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Peterhead Round Table has expressed thanks to the people of Peterhead who donated during the Christmas collection last week.

Through rain and snow the Santas were out every night and while cold and wet they covered as much of the town as they could.

Despite having two sleighs this year, and lots of Santas, Peterhead is just getting bigger every year and the Santas must be getting older! They are sorry if anyone in the town feels missed out

The Round Table members expressed thanks to Tommy Marshall for the use of the PA sound systems, Finnie 4x4 and MB Plant for the use of the vehicles, Buchan Power Tools for the use of the generators and the Albert Hotel for providing a warm place to count the collection.

They also thanked the many helpers who turned out throughout the week, put on the Santa suits and made the collection possible.

Finally, thanks were expressed to everyone who donated to this year’s collection. The money raised will enable the Table to deliver 250 Christmas food parcels to the old folks homes and also make donations to local charities and good causes throughout the year.”